September 20, 2015


Last year of school.


Am I supposed to be ecstatic for the unforeseeable (read: much-anticipated) future or am I supposed to have a major freak-out because I am this close to leaving school and going on my own venture? (Just kidding, I am not even halfway through the first semester.)

As much as I would love to ditch all the endless homework, projects, and exams, I suppose it is not possible for us students to truly leave all the fun we have had the joy/tears experiencing throughout our school years.

How many times have we heard or seen adults talk about their school days with nostalgia and tell us to cherish our very own school years afterwards as we will miss them as soon as adulthood takes over? 

That question was meant to be a rhetoric, by the way.

But then again, the outside world is so exciting, so tempting, fifteen years of seemingly endless routine all revolving around the same school (at least for me) and more-or-less the same subjects, and I finally get to go out there and do what I want without the constants pressure of keeping up with my grades restraining me. However, new responsibility awaits. And that is scary as hell.

Conclusion is, it feels like an in-between situation for now. I have not taken my pick so the combo of anticipation and anxiety actually yields something that is similar to an adrenaline rush. 

Ah, might as well go with it while it lasts.

I'm wearing:
Cotton On's leather snapback and denim jacket
TOPTEN's denim dress
Dr Martens' boots


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