March 18, 2015

As It Was

Hello there.

I have deleted - no, moved - all my previous posts to the Draft section as I felt like it's necessary to start fresh now that I have some spare time to update this blog. But the main reason I moved all 30+ posts is because my previous posts are pure embarrassment to the blogosphere. Adios childish scribbles of the old Carmen.

And uh, aside from the fact that all my writings are in dire need of rewriting due to their overuse of slangs and - basically all the features a writing should not possess - I have been thinking a lot about changing my blog's concept. This blog was originally a personal style blog, but it got pretty dull, therefore, expect some random stuff in the future.


Yes, some of my (imaginary) readers must have gotten tired of hearing this as I have mentioned it a lot in passing. Well, I am doing it for real this time, at least give me some credits? 

Another reason I got back is because I had the urge to write these few days, so I decided to revive this long-abandoned blog (apart from working on a story with Ophelia).

Anyways, here are some pictures I took with my cousins during Chinese New Year. It was random and spontaneous, but it was fun. Consider it an outfit post?

I was wearing:
Giordano's jeans
Charles and Keith's loafers
The rest of the outfit are either unbranded or gifts.


Pictures by: Carmen, Veronica, Kenneth, and Bobby.

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